Jee-Kwang Park

Department: Political Science & International Relations
Position: Assistant Professor
Phone: +7 7172 70-9075

Jee-Kwang Park is an assistant professor of political science and international relations in SHSS. He received his Ph.D at Columbia University in 2005 and BA at Seoul National University in 1994. Before joining Nazarbayev University, he was an assistant professor of political science at American University in Cairo, Egypt, a vising professor at University of Virginia, a multi-year post-doctoral research associate at Princeton University, and a post-doctoral fellow in political methodology at Pennsylvania State University.

He is interested in various topics in political science and methodology including American politics, executive politics, judicial politics, political methodology, public opinion and election, rational choice theory, international/comparative political economy, interest group politics, Middle East and Islamism, politics of East Asia.

Currently he is working on content analysis of the internal structure of the Muslim Brotherhood, measurement of poll accuracy with dynamic factor analysis, determinants of individual preferences on free trade, content analysis of hidden motivation and incentives of North Korea’s nuclear armament, political causes of Egyptian unrest in 2013.


He teaches “Game Theory” and “Politics of East Asia” for the 2013 fall semester. In the past at other universities, he taught courses on political methodology, international political economy, American politics, and linear algebra.

Selected Publications:

“Elections, Uncertainty, and Irreversible Investment,” British Journal of Political Science, online published as FirstView Article on 10/31/2012 (with Brandice Canes-Wrone).

“Voting for Justice: Change and Continuity in Confirmation Voting 1937-2010,” Journal of Politics, 75(2): 283-299, 2013, (with Charles M. Cameron and Jonathan Kastellec)

“Electoral Business Cycles in OECD countries,” American Political Science Review, 106(1) 103-122, 2012, (with Brandice Canes-Wrone).

“Judicial Independence and Retention Elections,” Journal of Law, Economics, and Organization, 28(2): 211-234, 2012, (With Brandice Canes-Wrone and Tom Clark).

“Evidence from Presidents' Campaigns for Supreme Court Nominees, 1930-2009,” Presidential Studies Quarterly, 41(3): 442-470, 2011 (with Charles Cameron).

“Changing Supreme Court Policy Through Appointments: The Impact of a New Justice,” University of Minnesota Law Review, 93(5): 1820-1870, 2009 (with Charles Cameron).

“How Will They Vote? Predicting the Future Behavior of Supreme Court Nominees, 1937-2006,” Journal of Empirical Legal Studies, 6(3): 485-511, 2009 (with Charles Cameron).

“A Primer on the President’s Legislative Program,” Presidential Leadership: The Vortex of Power, Bert Rockman and Richard Waterman (eds), Roxbury Press, 2005 (with Charles Cameron).


Artinian Awards (a travel grant to attend the 2013 meeting of Southern Political Science Association in the USA)